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IMAK OFFSET is a well-established fırm serving the printing industry since 1997.
Today in our modern building with a high technology facilities and high performance machinery, we are honoured to be able to continue our journey with satisfied customers.
Quality starts with the thought and continues throughout the design and production until the delivery is completed.
With this, IMAK OFFSET realizes the importance of service and production with total quality management. Our production starts with a harmonious dance of colours, every step including design, mold plates, lamination, cutting, skin binding, packaging and shipment carried out with great care.
The secret of our success lies in our principle that is based on the customer satisfaction by producing all forms of print on time and at the highest quality.
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Our Mission

  • To provide customer satisfaction oriented service, IMAK OFFSET;
  • 01.
    Quickly assess’ our customers' requests
  • 02.
    Produces the best quality solution at the time of need
  • 03.
    Meets the needs of our customers on time and in accordance with international quality norms.

Our Vision

  • Modern quality and speed to meet your needs, IMAK OFFSET;
  • 01.
    Aims to set up machinery and equipment to meet all needs of the customers by using providing all the possibilities of technology
  • 02.
    Works with trained staff who can adapt to changing conditions
  • 03.
    Has the ability to represent our customers in the best possible way in line their product and corporate structure to provide customer satisfaction
  • 04.
    Able to analyse the requirements of the industry with a human-focused understanding of service based on knowledge and experience, determining the needs of the people


We serve domestic and international markets with experienced customer representatives who understand solution partnership. Every job we receive for printing is our duty. As your representative, it is our primary duty to follow up quality control at every stage of production
IMAK OFFSET undertakes the role to carry out all the necessary requirements to meet the quality policy and its continuity.

Our Quality Policy

Methods that are specially prepared by colour control scales and visual aids from FOGRA are used to optimize and control prepress as well as the printing process.

Thus, we provide our customers with a repeatable and sustainable high quality service. We set the standard values in all processes. With this, the quality of our work are preserved and stored safely for repeatability. International quality and fast service are among our priorities.

We respect nature with FSC Certificate.

In order to leave behind a green environment for future generations, we use ethical production methods.
The main aim of FSC Certificate is to establish and manage standards for the correct use of forest products in the mainstream world and to ensure that they are independently controlled throughout the process.
Within the scope of social responsibility in IMAK OFFSET; we choose the best quality producers in our material choices, and act ethically in our choice of papers by allowing you to contribute to nature with an FSC certificate.

Management System

Hardware and software technologies that evolve before printing are closely monitored. Within the scope of a Colour Management System, all monitors, CTPs and printing machines are calibrated in EIZO monitors; colour control and setting are done to a professional level. The CGS ORIS Colour Tuner and the EPSON Stylus Pro 4900 are world-standard approved digital proofs and are sent to FOGRA for colour management continuity.
All Printing process
100 % success
100 % satisfaction

Expert teams in the field carry out their work with diligence.

EIZO monitors have all the necessary controls for colour control and printing in the smallest detail. The colour spaces, pixel dimensions, image resolution, image sharpening, contrast adjustment, skin colour, texture, colour corrections and finishing are done with great care by the colour experts who control the print compatibility. Preliminary preparation and control processes for starting offset printing phase are completed in the form of remote pdf or paper plotter proof. After approval for printing is received from the customer the job is getting recorded into the online programme planning and the automated machine starts producing the plates for the offset printing.

12 Macintosh Graphic Computer
1 Mac Intel CPU QuadCore
1 Mac Power
1 PC Intel Core 2 Quad
4 EIZO ColorEdge CG243W Graphic Monitor
1 X-RITE Eye-One Display monitor calliboration
Xerox A3 Colour Lazer Printer
HP 5500 Colour Lazer Printer

CANON IPF 815 Plother 120 Cm
Print Pixel: 2400 x 1200 dpi


Jobs that have been assembled and approved by plotter proofs or on XMF remote system are exposed directly to computers in a calibrated format suitable for the printing system. Molds are used during these operations are selected from environmentally friendly products. It is the latest technology in the production for a desired result without printing mistakes and point loss with molds called CTP.

Machine Park
Speed 42 molds per hour
KONITA T-800 Platesetter Conventional CTP
Speed 40 molds per hour

Digital Printing Proof

For us to see the final result before actual print we provide FOGRA approved proof reading. Our digital proofing system is tested and certified by FOGRA to comply with the quality standards of the proofs we produce. In this respect, the quality of your proof production is accepted by international standards across the world.



Our company are constantly updating the latest developments in hardware and software in printing. Our main production facilities are equipped with Komori, Ryobi, Roland and Heidelberg printing machines which print at the highest quality. These offset printing machines use CIP4 color technology. Thus, the values exposed to the mold are automatically reflected on the printing press.

Machine Park

  • 1x
    70x100 8 Color Komori
  • 1x
    70x100 5 Colors + Lak Komori
  • 1x
    70x100 4 Color Komori
  • 1x
    60x79 5 Color Ryobi
  • 2x
    70x100 2 Color and Perfector Heidelberg
  • 1x
    70x100 2 Color and Perfector
  • 1x
    35x50 2 Color Ryobi


Bindery is the place where printing turns into art. We are aware of your time and how precious your work is. Based on this, we are able to fulfil your requirements without sacrificing quality and timely delivery, and offer it to our esteemed customers. Our binding department equipped with folding, automatic gathering, automatic saddle stitching, thread stitching, perfect binding, die cutting and other special effect applications that add value to your printings with our expert staff.

  • 5x
    MBO 70x100 cm. Folding Machine
  • 1x
    Stahl 46x64 cm Folding Machine
  • 1x
    Full Automatic Müller Martini Diamant
    Hard Cover Machine
  • 1x
    Full automatic Müller Martini Pantera
    Cover with 16 stations
  • 1x
    Full automatic Müller Martini Acoro
    Cover with 22 stations
  • 1x
    6-station full automatic Müller
    Martini Wire Sewing
  • 2x
    Polar Guillotine Knife
  • 1x
    3 Edge Cutting Guillotine
  • 1x
    Full Automatic Cellophane
  • 1x
    Full Automatic Partial Lacquer
  • 1x
    Automatic Single
    Shredder Machine
  • 1x
    Pedal Cutting Machine
  • 1x
    Heurauf full automatic hard cover making machine
    Complex hard cover and luxury box making machines.


Imak Offset improves the visual quality of your work which is characterized by the specs of printed works such as matt celephone, glossy celephone, metalized selephone, silk selephone, local lacquer, embossed lacquer, sandy lacquer.

• Matt Cellophane
• Glossy Cellophane
• Metallized Cellophane
• Pear (according to Food Codex) Cellophane
• Silky (Crown) Cellophane
• Laser and Hologram Cellophane
• Local Lacquer
• Embossed Lacquer
• Sandy Lacquer
• Effect Lacquer
• Flock Velvet Lacquer

Luxury Leather and Box Workshop

We produce high end special boxes consisting of all kinds of real leather, artificial leather, velvet, cloth skin and wooden materials are made by fine workmanship and artistic. The boxes that we produce for you will highlight the elegance of your products.

Soft Cover Line

We offer the right solutions for all kinds of jobs with fully automatic, high performance production lines. In the past, operations requiring more processing and manual labour as well as time-consuming operations, allow for faster and better quality production with high-tech machine parks.

Hard Cover Line

A book which is produced with high quality will make people to read itself. We produce the best quality books with the highest technological machines, the fastest and the faultless.


Finished products are checked in the production line and grouped in parcels according to requirement and packed on pallets with stretch film to protect the goods during transport. We ship the goods by our own vehicles according to the shipping instructions.
Catalogue of Binding
Catalogue of Binding


Cilt Malzemeleri/Cabra

Catalogue of Binding



Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar Depar

Catalogue of Binding


Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin

Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin Cilt Malzemeleri/Efalin

Catalogue of Binding

Setalux İpek

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Catalogue of Binding

Som Kimya / Mira

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