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4+4 Color Front/Back Sheet
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American Binding Books
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Hardcover Books
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Wire Sewing Books
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Quality prints with high technology

It is a system that should be preferred for your low amounted and urgent jobs, from which you can get the best results at the most affordable prices. When the number is high, the cost of digital printing will be expensive compared to an offset printing system. There is no other alternative solution for your Hard Copy printing projects. In digital printing, the printing price does not decrease as the number of pieces increases. This system is valid in the printing press. After the digital printing, we finalize your printing project quickly with our in-house post-press bookbinding machines such as wire stitching, American binding, and cellophane machines and deliver it to you.

It is the primary duty of our company to provide you with proper services at all times with our friendly staff, quality service and timely delivery understanding, and technological solutions. We do bookbinding applications such as wire stitching, omega stitching, American binding, cellophane, etc. within our facilities and deliver them to you in full.

Areas of Use

  • Business card
  • Book
  • Catalog
  • Magazine
  • Brochure
  • Invitation card
  • Banner (Poster)

Application Areas

  • Paper Types of 60-350 g
  • High Grade Paper
  • Coated Paper
  • American Bristol
  • Tracing Paper
  • Acetate Paper
  • Transparent and Paper Label

Machine Park

  • 1 Piece Ricoh Pro C9200S Digital Color Printing Machine
  • 1 Piece Ricoh Pro 8310S Digital Printing Machine
  • 1 Piece Lamination
  • 1 Piece Guillotine
  • 1 Piece Folding and Perforation
  • 1 Piece American Binding

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