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Imak Ofset Is Starting Its Digıtal Transformation With CaniasERP.

İmak Genel Müdürlük
Imak Ofset

IAS started its new project by making an agreement with Imak Ofset, which has been operating in the printing sector since 1997 and is one of the important companies in the sector. Imak Ofset, which manages its operations in Turkey with its offices located in Istanbul and Bursa, also conducts its global operations with its representative offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. The company that decided to start the digital transformation process choose to use caniasERP on this journey by relying on IAS's experience in the printing industry.

The project is planned to be put into operation in January 2021 with all the basic caniasERP modules, including General Accounting processes. While the analysis studies were carried out by IAS consultants, the caniasERP module trainings of the company's employees were initiated by the IAS Business Academy (IBA). Erdal Yaman, IAS Consulting Manager, who stated his opinions about the project, said, “We know the needs of this sector very well thanks to our experience in the printing industry. We are prepared for the difficulties that may arise. During this process, I wish success to IAS Project Manager Mustafa Akgun, Imak Ofset project managers Fatih Karademir and Talha Karademir and all other friends who will take part in the operation”

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    Alper Aydın16 Mayıs 2020

    Matbaa baskı kutu ambalaj işleri için uzman profosyonel bir isletme. Son derece kurumsal bir yapı oluşturulmuş, güvenilir bir kurum.

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    Her yönü ile donanımlı bir tesis ve tecrübeli bir kadro ile karşılaştım. Çok mennun kaldım.

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